Homeowners and irrigators in the Haight's Creek Irrigation District will begin receiving water Monday, but delivery will be about half of the usual amount.

The district, which serves parts of Kaysville, Layton and Davis County, has imposed a rationing schedule similar to that of other irrigation districts in Davis County.District officials are asking residents to make sure valves on their systems are shut off by Friday as the system is charged.

Residential users with odd-numbered homes will be allowed to water Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Even-numbered homes will water on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.

Friday watering is reserved for churches, schools, government agencies and other large, non-agricultural users. Watering on all days must be before 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m.

Agricultural users with 10 acres or more may choose two 24-hour waterings, four 12-hour waterings or eight six-hour waterings through the season, which runs through Oct. 1. Agricultural users must notify the district of their choice and days of watering.