Embattled Police Chief Daryl Gates is calling for politicians, the media and his critics to move beyond the police beating of a black motorist and allow his department to "get on with it."

But Jesse Jackson and other civil rights activists continued their vigil on behalf of Rodney King, who family members say still uses a cane and wheelchair as a result of his March 3 beating. The incident was filmed by an amateur cameraman and sparked a national outcry."The most powerful weapon against darkness is not a light," Jackson said in a speech to Sunday services at the First AME Church in South Central Los Angeles. "Put down your guns and pick up your cameras and expose the madness."

He also called for a nationwide boycott of Los Angeles, suggesting that groups planning on holding conventions in the city be encouraged to choose another city.

At a rally held earlier Sunday by Gates supporters on the steps of City Hall, the police chief reiterated his belief that the police pummeling of King during a routine traffic stop was an aberration.