Mayor Sonny Bono is selling his namesake Italian restaurant and tennis club. "A restaurant is a full-time job, and so is politicking," explained Bono, owner of Bono's Restaurant since 1985 and Palm Springs, Calif., mayor since 1988.

In an interview in the Los Angeles Times on Sunday, Bono said he will sell the 5 1/2-acre property, appraised at $3 million, to the owners of a neighboring hotel. Some residents speculated that controversy over a Virginia Slims women's tennis tournament planned this year at Bono's complex also influenced the decision to sell."With two children in the household, he doesn't feel his wife has time to oversee the restaurant," said Marilyn Baker, who ran Bono's campaign. "And I think Sonny was very uncomfortable about having his feet held to the fire over the conflict of interest of the Virginia Slims tournament being held there."