Evans and Sutherland, the Salt Lake-based computer graphics company, has introduced a new, low-cost visual system designed specifically for the rapidly growing low-end simulation market.

Dubbed the ESIG-2000, the new image generator was shown for the first time Monday during the International Training Equipment Conference in Maastrict, The Netherlands.Bob Schumacker, president of E&S's Simulation Division, said, "Evans and Sutherland has taken an entirely different approach in meeting the diverse needs of the low-cost visual system marketplace."

"Rather than using graphics workstation technology, we have streamlined the powerful simulation technology incorporated in our high performance ESIG-3000 and packaged it into a compact and configurable system. This gives the ESIG-2000 user a design-to-cost flexibility never before obtainable, thereby opening a host of new applications," he said.

Designed for simulation rather than general purpose graphics, the ESIG-2000 provides many advanced simulation capabilities as an integral part of the system. Standard features include full-color texture, large area database and advanced scene management, atmospheric effects, sensor stimulation and image mapping.

Schumacker said the ESIG-2000 is highly adaptable to a wide range of low cost applications such as net-worked simulators involving ground vehicles and aircraft, gunnery training, maritime, driving and engineering.

Coupled with the ESIG-3000 and ESIG-4000, the new product gives E&S image generators covering the entire spectrum of cost and per-formance.