The state of Utah is making an effort to look after its senior citizens.

Rep. John L. Valentine, R-Orem, told a group of senior citizens that state funding of programs for the elderly has significantly increased in next year's budget."There was a 10.6 percent increase in funding for the elderly," Valentine said. It was one of the largest single increases in the 1991 budget, compared with a 2.1 percent increase in the total budget.

Valentine spoke at a luncheon at the Orem Senior Friendship Center, where the senior citizens honored those people who had made an effort to increase funding for them.

According to Valentine, a total of $462,000 has been allocated to the elderly, which includes funding for such programs as Meals on Wheels and alternative living programs to help the elderly avoid institutionalization.

Valentine also told the senior citizens to watch a new 21-member task force formed to look into health-care access.