Salt Lake County has established a committee of citizens and county representatives to help study the feasibility of making Bennion a city.

Last month the county hired Phase II Consulting, the same firm that last year studied the Taylorsville-Bennion incorporation proposal, to study the merits of incorporating Bennion.The committee, composed of representatives of Bennion residents and the Bennion Community Council and six county officials representing the county attorney's, auditor's and sheriff's offices, will work with Phase II to put together a final incorporation feasibility report.

The report, due for delivery to the County Commission in October, will address possible alternative boundaries for the proposed city, the effect of incorporation on county costs and revenues, and costs to residents.

Last March, Taylorsville-Bennion voters defeated a proposal to incorporate that area, but Bennion residents secured enough signatures on a new incorporation petition to bring the matter before the county again.

Part of the area Bennion petitioners want to make their city - generally from 54th South on the north, West Jordan on the south, Murray on the east and 40th West on the west - is being considered for annexation by Murray. The county will wait for Murray to act on two annexation petitions affecting Bennion before deciding whether to call an incorporation vote.