Jason Woods, the University of Utah's starting quarterback in five games last season, was moved to tight end on Saturday, the first day of spring football practice.

Woods, who split the quarterback job with Mike Richmond last year, was one of four players competing for next season's starting quarterback job."It just looked like he could better help our team at tight end," said Ute coach Ron McBride. "It was kind of his decision. He called me late (Friday) night about 10 o'clock and said he needed to talk to me (Saturday) morning. He told me he felt he could help the team more at tight end. We were all set to let him compete at quarterback."

Ute coaches had discussed the switch at the end of last season, but had decided to see how he fared at quarterback during spring practice. "We decided if he wasn't in the top two, then we'd talk about the switch," said McBride. "If he's not in the top two, he's too good an athlete to keep him there. What he wants is to play."

Woods, who is 6-foot-5, 235 pounds, played tight end during part of his high school career and at times during his freshman season at Lamar.

Woods will compete with three other players for the starting tight end job - Scott Murray (a reserve last season), Greg Hoffman (a slotback last season), and Dan Uribe (a new junior college transfer).