Deseret News staff writers and photographers took 6 of 16 first- place writing and photography awards during the annual Society of Professional Journalists awards presentation Saturday, while former Deseret News Associate City Editor Pamela T. Wade was recognized posthumously with the group's highest honor.

Lauded as one of Deseret News' most respected editors, Wade was named the recipient of the Clifford P. Cheney Service to Journalism Award by the society's board of directors. The Cheney Award is given annually to a journalist who has contributed to the furtherance of journalistic ideals and principles. The board felt Wade had accomplished these goals despite her shortened career and death earlier this year due to cancer."Change and forward-thinking is not always met with great excitement in the newsroom. Wade took the point in these battles, paving the way for real and necessary change and improvement . . .," board members said. "She was a leader, especially among women wanting to make their mark in journalism."

The annual Excellence in Journalism awards banquet, which honors media work done during the past year, was held at the Green Street Social Club. First place writing and photography honors went to Deseret News staffers: Elaine Jarvik, general reporting for, "Students of Color In a Very White Place"; political editor Bob Bernick Jr., for series and special projects, "Paying for Power"; Lee Davidson, Washington Bureau chief, for investigating reporting, "Military Contamination . . ."; the Deseret News staff for ongoing covereage of "Utah and the Gulf Crisis"; two awards to photographer Ravell Call, for general excellence and for his photo essay, "Ranch Has Cloudy Future"; and photographer Gary McKellar for feature photography, "Wheelchair Rappelling."

Rep. Martin R. Stephens was recognized with the Roy B. Gibson Freedom of Information Award for his work during the last legislative session regarding access to public records in Utah. Quintus C. Wilson, one of four founders of the Utah Headliners Chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists, was awarded with the first Quintus C. Wilson Ethics in Journalism Award.

The complete list of winners in all media categories:


Spot news reporting:

1st - Scott Bontz, Pat Bean, Dennis Romboy, The Standard-Examiner; 2nd - Ellen Fagg, Deseret News;

General reporting: 1st - Elaine Jarvik, Deseret News; 2nd - Lois M. Collins, Deseret News; 3rd - Ellen Fagg, Deseret News

Feature reporting: 1st, Mary Dickson, Network Magazine; 2nd - David Hampshire, Utah Holiday Magazine; 3rd - Joseph Bauman, Deseret News

Series & special projects: 1st - Bob Bernick Jr., Deseret News; 2nd - Carol Sisco, Salt Lake Tribune; 3rd - Angelyn Hutchinson, Twila Van Leer, Deseret News

Ongoing coverage: 1st - staff, Deseret News; 2nd - staff, The Standard-Examiner; 3rd - staff, Salt Lake Tribune

Layout & design: 1st - Sheree Josephson, The Standard-Examiner; 2nd - Robert Noyce, Deseret News

Investigative reporting: 1st - Lee Davidson, Deseret News; 2nd - Linda Sillitoe, Jean Arment, Brent Israelsen, Utah Holiday Magazine; 3rd - Dawn House, Salt Lake Tribune.

Editorial cartoons: 1st - John Taylor, Utah County Journal; 2nd - Calvin Grondahl, The Standard-Examiner

Editorials: 1st - Diane Cole, Salt Lake Tribune; 2nd - Harry E. Fuller Jr., Salt Lake Tribune

Criticism, columns & analysis: 1st - Richard Menzies, Utah Holiday Magazine; 2nd - Lois Collins, Deseret News; 3rd - Mark Saal, The Standard-Examiner


General excellence: 1st - Ravell Call, Deseret News; 2nd - Rick Egan, Salt Lake Tribune; 3rd - Garry Bryant, Deseret News

Spot news: 1st - Lynn R. Johnson, Salt Lake Tribune; 2nd - Blair Kooistra, The Standard Examiner; 3rd - Tom Smart, Deseret News; Honorable Mention - Al Hartman, Salt Lake Tribune

Feature: 1st - Gary McKellar, Deseret News; 2nd - Ravell Call, Deseret News; 3rd - Steve Griffin, Salt Lake Tribune; Honorable Mention - Robert Pope, The Standard-Examiner

Sports photography: 1st - Jeffrey Allred, The Salt Lake Tribune; 2nd - Rick Egan, The Salt Lake Tribune; 3rd - Anne Raup, The Standard-Examiner; Honorable Mention - Lynn R. Johnson, and Steve Griffin, Salt Lake Tribune

Photo essay: 1st - Ravell Call, Deseret News; 2nd - Anne Raup, The Standard-Examiner; 3rd - Garry Bryant, Deseret News


Ongoing coverage: 1st - staff, KSL Radio

General reporting: 1st - James Braden, KSL Radio; 2nd - Tammy Kikuchi, KSL Radio; 3rd - James Braden, KSL Radio.

Feature reporting: 1st - Tammy Kikuchi, KSL Radio; 2nd - Maria Shilaos, KSL Radio; 3rd - Constance Crompton, KUER RadioSpot news: 1st - Andy McQuinn, KSL Radio; 2nd - Greg Wrubell, Tammy Kikuchi, KSL Radio

Series & special projects: 1st - Mary Sawyers, KUER Radio; 2nd - Charla Haley, KSL Radio; 3rd - Andy McQuinn, KSL Radio

Documentaries: 1st - Doug Fabrizio, Derek Marquis, KUER Radio

Sports reporting: 1st - Jim Braden, KSL Radio


General excellence: 1st - Bill Cortez, KUTV; 2nd - Jamie Cowan, KUTV; 3rd - Rick Brown, KUTV

Spot news: 1st - Scott Jones, KUTV; 2nd - Bill Cortez, KUTV; 3rd - Evan Kirschner, KSL

Features - long format: 1st - Rick Brown, KUTV; 2nd - Michael Rawson, Ken Fall, KUTV; 3rd - Vaughn Roche, Jamie Cowan, KUTV

Features - short format: 1st - Bill Cortez, KUTV; 2nd - Scott Jones, KUTV; 3rd - Rick Brown, KUTV


Investigative reporting: 1st - Sheila Hamilton, KTVX; 2nd - Con Psarras, KSL; 3rd - John Harrington, Ken Connaughton, KTVX

Spot news reporting: 1st - Larry Warren, Sarah Harlow & Staff, KUTV; 2nd - Larry Lewis, KSL; 3rd - Elizabeth Renshaw, Bob Greenwell, Don Dukatz, Dan Brown, KSL

General reporting: 1st - Elizabeth Renshaw, Bob Greenwell, KSL; 2nd - Duane Cardall, KSL; 3rd - Duane Cardall, KSL.

Feature reporting: 1st - Elizabeth Renshaw, KSL; 2nd - Vaughn Roche, Bill Cortez, KUTV; 3rd - Larry Lewis, KSL

Series: 1st - Ed Yeates, KSL; 2nd - Michael Rawson, Rick Brown, Tracy Smith, KUTV; 3rd - Dean Paynter, KUTV.

Ongoing coverage: 1st - Rod Jackson, KTVX; 2nd - Doug Miller, Jay Jamison, KSL; 3rd - Shelley Osterloh, KSL.

Documentaries and special projects: 1st - Shelley Thomas, KSL; 2nd - Sheila Hamilton, KTVX; 3rd - Michael Rawson, Ken Fall, KUTV.

Sports reporting: 1st - Dave Fox, KUTV; 2nd - Steve Cyphers, Jack Bozarth, Brad Pearson, KSL; 3rd - Steve Cyphers, Jack Bozarth, Jay Jamison, Brad Pearson, KSL; 3rd - Jeff Shearer, Jay Jamison, Brad Pearson, KSL.


Daily news editing: 1st - Kirk Love; 2nd - Bob Brown, KSL; 3rd - Bob Brown, KSL.

General excellence: 1st - Jack Hubbell, KSL; 2nd - Jerry Andersch, KUTV; 3rd - David Rowan, KUTV.

Feature editing: 1st - Jack Hubbell, KSL; 2nd - Jack Hubbell, KSL; 3rd - Jerry Andersch, KTVX.