South Africa may be fully restored to the Olympic movement in June only if it meets conditions imposed by the International Olympic Committee, a leading IOC official said Saturday.

Having been granted conditional recognition in March, the republic was given six months to scrap its apartheid laws and bring racial unity to its sports structure.With South Africa eager to compete in the Olympic arena for the first time for over 30 years, full membership would finally clear the way for participation in next year's Barcelona Games.

"If the conditions are met, the possibility of South Africa being in Barcelona is strong and realistic," IOC vice-president Kevan Gosper of Australia told Reuters.

South Africa's reformist president, F.W. de Klerk, has promised to repeal the apartheid laws by June.

"If de Klerk delivers in June and the unity process stays on course, in my view there should be no impediment to South Africa being granted full recognition at the Birmingham session," Gosper said.