To the editor:

Do you "let the cat out"? Does she occasionally get overly affectionate? Does she hang out with an undesirable lot of feisty, aggressive toms who yowl and hiss and fight through the wee hours? Is she spayed?Yes? Yes? And no? Then you are the owner of a feline floozie. A dubious distinction indeed. Why? Because cats breed like rabbits. That's why.

An uncontrolled mating pair will beget 12 cats in a year, which will beget 66 cats in two years, thus begetting 382 cats in three years, thence 2,000 cats, in four years, 73,000 in seven years and thereby begetting (gasp) 80 million cats in only 10 years.

Result? Inevitable suffering for millions. Homelessness. Starvation. Disease. And death from cars, larger animals, pranksters and more.

You can help stop these generations of suffering. Have your female spayed. Your male neutered. Don't allow litters. Not even one. If you own a male and you think this is not your problem, think again. A female can have two to three litters a year. A male can father a litter a day. If money is the problem, call us. There are low-cost clinics throughout the valley. If there are questions about spaying or neutering, we can answer them. In Salt Lake City, call 451-5565; in Ogden, call 773-3764.

Sheri Martinez

executive director

Wasatch Humane