The Utah Jazz played a not-so-easy game against the Denver Nuggets last night at the Salt Palace. But in the end it came off nicely for the Jazz who won 121-110.

Jeff Malone had a great game, scoring 33 points. Karl Malone also did great with 41 points and 11 rebounds.The Nuggets led for most of the first quarter until Delaney Rudd made a jump shot to tie the game at 30, after which three consecutive shots gave the Jazz a 36-30 lead.

The Jazz led for most of the second quarter and were ahead 61-58 at the half. John Stockton had eight assists in the half while Jeff Malone scored 13 points and Karl Malone scored 18. Leaders for the Nuggets were Orlando Woolridge with 16 points and Michael Adams with 15. Greg Anderson had six rebounds off the bench.

The Jazz played slow but were able to maintain their lead throughout the third quarter, finishing with a nine-point lead.

The fourth quarter began with a foul by Michael Adams to John Stockton which resulted in a technical shot for Stockton and an ejection for Adams. Andy Toolson, who checked in during the third quarter, helped out with a couple of points before going back to the bench. At one point the Nuggets were within two points when Jeff Malone went in for a shot, got the basket and was fouled. Jeff made the free throw and gave the Jazz a five-point lead. The Jazz pulled it off in the end, winning 121-110.

Jerry Sloan thought the Jazz didn't play especially well, "The players can't be expected toplay a perfect game." Sloan commented that Karl Malone did well and gave the Nuggets a hard time inside while Jeff Malone got some great shots in the fourth. Mike Brown also did a good job. Mark Eaton and Delaney Rudd played well off the bench. Sloan sid he's not worrying too much about the playoffs right now, but more about winning the next four games to win the division title.

Thurl Bailey helped out with eight points. "It wasn't a very pretty game, but as long as you can get a win it always helps out," he said. Bailey hopes to win the rest of the games and go into the playoffs with a great attitude and a chance for the championship. The playoffs are a completely different season he said, but it does help to have a good position in the regular season.