Angela's biggest wish is to be loved and accepted.

Born in January 1975, she is challenged by moderate mental retardation. Special classes at school have been needed, but Angela works hard and has learned to read and knows basic math concepts. She loves to be helpful and is responsible about chores. She can get angry easily when she is corrected, but she is generally a cheerful girl.Angela has experienced abuse and neglect and has been placed in three foster placements, including a brief adoptive placement. With total acceptance and a non-judgmental attitude from adults, her initial shyness disappears and her loving, affectionate side comes out.

Although she gets along with other children, she doesn't really relate well with them, being more adult-oriented. Ongoing therapy will be needed to help her understand the world and to improve her interactions and relationships with others. She is learning to control her impulses and to talk out her feelings, rather than being verbally abusive.

A two-parent family or single mother who can appreciate her loving affection and accept her limitations is needed. She would like to be an only child, but a family with other children will be considered. An adoption subsidy is available.