It took 42 days to settle their labor dispute, but Gretchen Schulte, Kenosha's striking mom, has put down her picket signs and signed a negotiated contract with her children.

"It was 100 percent worth it," she said. "I don't even care about the publicity and criticism. Even that was worth it. All that matters is here in this house. And I think we've all learned something.""It's great to be free," daughter Heidi said Tuesday, as she relished the lifting of her grounding restrictions.

Schulte went on strike July 18 to protest what she said was disrespect and disobedience by her four children, 14-year-old twins Eric and Julie; Heidi, 13; and Jerry, 8.

She hung picket signs and nixed such duties as cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring and laundering. A possible turning point came recently when she refused to pay for her children's school clothes.

Final negotiations Sunday lasted from noon until 6:40 p.m. when the detailed contracts were signed.

"It was very emotional, traumatic," said Schulte, 42. "There was a lot of crying and screaming."

The family had to take a break when the debate became too heated, but the talks resumed after Schulte's husband, Theodore, cooked dinner and family members cooled off.

"I knew they would come around," she said.