I recall seeing a trailer (theatrical preview) for Walt Disney Pictures' "The Great Mouse Detective" last November. Well, here it is April and no movie yet!I am wondering if you know if they've moved up the date for the film's re-release or if they've decided not to re-release the film at all.


Stanford Clark

Salt Lake CityI saw that preview with my kids, and they were quite excited about the prospect of seeing the film again. But, unfortunately, Disney has taken it off the 1991 schedule.

Animated features scheduled for 1991 are a re-issue of "101 Dalmatians," to be released in July, and "Beauty and the Beast," a new cartoon feature that is Disney's big Christmas film, scheduled for release Thanksgiving weekend.

The folks at Disney say there is no rescheduled date for "The Great Mouse Detective," but it might turn up next year.Regarding De Niro's new movie, "Guilty By Suspicion":

What a boring movie!!! You've seen "Death in Venice," right? Well, at least there's scenery in Venice!

The really interesting thing about this movie was that although the audience was supposed to feel very sorry for all the poor Hollywood hostages who suffered at the hands of the witch-hunters, if one analyzes this particular man's fall from grace, one realizes that what really happened to him was that he lost his job but got his family back. Usually, this is the raison d'etre of movies and books - the misguided soul is led back into the fold of his family as the music comes up and the sun sets. That's what happened to De Niro (in the movie) and the audience is supposed to take it as a sign of failure and persecution.

Some guys just don't know a good thing.

Cynically yours,

Toni J. Asay


P.S. Can I have your job when you get tired of it?I'm desperately in need of answers.

I've been watching the career of Winona Ryder. She's got to be the most talented young actress in Hollywood. PLEASE write me back with her mailing address and information on whether or not she's doing a movie right now.

Also, tell me more about her experience with "The Godfather, Part III." When did she get engaged to Johnny Depp? Do they know when they're going to get married?

Jennifer Merrick

Salt Lake CityObviously, you've mistaken me for Marilyn Beck or Liz Smith. I review movies and comment on the industry but I don't delve into the personal lives of celebrities. However, there are lots of publications that do. If you head for the periodical files in the public library I'm sure you'll find the answers to all your questions.

Good luck.- "HOME ALONE" has reached No. 4 on the list of the all-time top 10 moneymaking movies, bumping "Jaws" from that slot. Only a week ago it had bumped "Batman" from the No. 5 spot.

And the Los Angeles Times is predicting "Home Alone" will continue to climb in the next few weeks, finally nestling in at No. 3, right behind "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial" and "Star Wars," and ahead of "Return of the Jedi" and "Jaws."

Currently, "Home Alone" holds the record as the most successful comedy of all time, as well as the best-performing non-summer movie ever.

And you wonder if there will be a "Home Alone 2"?

- WHAT TYPE OF FILM would you guess is the most rented at video stores? Horror? Action? Romance?

It's comedy.

A recent issue of Video Insider, a trade magazine for video store owners, surveyed readers, asking about comedy rentals, stand-up concert tapes as well as feature films.

Many subscribers wrote that comedy is the best-renting category in their video stores.

What struck me about the story, however, is that quite a number of store owners from across the country indicated their customers complain regularly about foul language and vulgar jokes in the tapes they rent.

For example, "The Best of Eddie Murphy: Saturday Night Live" rents very well, some store owners said, but customers complain about Murphy's unexpurgated concert tapes "Raw" and "Delirious."

Some random comments:

My customers wish some of the comedians would clean up their acts. People have reached a saturation point with foul mouths. - Aardvark Video, St. Josephs, Mo.

I didn't bring in the new Andrew Dice Clay tape. I think he's totally tasteless. - Movies to Go, Campbell, Calif.

I have a few stand-up tapes but not a lot because most are pretty raunchy. Those aren't my big renters. People get turned off by vulgarity. Everybody wants a good joke, but why does it have to be so vulgar? - Video World, Richmond, Va.

- QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Bruce Willis tells Cyndi Stivers for the May issue of Premiere magazine that he will not be doing a "Die Hard 3."

"I just don't think there's anyplace else to go without making it a farce."

On the other hand, why should he? Willis appears in "Mortal Thoughts," which stars his wife Demi Moore and opens next Friday, and his comedy-thriller "Hudson Hawke" is scheduled for June. And for his next film, "The Last Boy Scout," Willis will receive, according to Premiere, a cool $14 million.