A motion for a mistrial citing possible out-of-court legal research by a juror in the Singer-Swapp case was to be filed by defense lawyer John Bucher on Wednesday - two days before the defendants are scheduled to be sentenced.

On May 9, Addam Swapp, Vickie Singer, John Timothy Singer and Jonathan Swapp were found guilty of crimes in the January standoff and shooting at their farmhouse in Marion, Summit County.U.S. Attorney Brent D. Ward was meeting Wednesday with U.S. District Chief Judge Bruce S. Jenkins, and one official said it was presumably about the Singer-Swapp case.

Addam Swapp faces a minimum 15-year sentence, while the others will face a minimum of 10 years in prison, Ward said when they were convicted. Maximum sentences could be 65 years for Addam Swapp, plus more time for possible contempt of court, and 40 years for the other family members.

The Deseret News learned that the motion will request a mistrial on the ground that a juror allegedly had extraneous contacts during the trial. The juror supposedly researched a matter of law himself in a law library and quizzed a policeman about the law.