When veteran Deseret News sports writer Brad Rock sits down tonight to cover the shootout between the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets, he'll be getting a little help from a friend, 15-year-old Janna Nielsen of Kearns.

Janna is the grand prize winner of this year's essay contest requiring each writer (there were 300 entries) to tell the judges in 25 words or less why the best coverage on the Utah Jazz is found in the Deseret News.A sophomore at Kearns High School, where she is a 4.0 honor student, she is the daughter of Larry and Marsha Nielsen. The Nielsen's are the parents of four children, all girls, and Janna is the oldest.

An obviously proud Mrs. Nielsen said her daughter likes to read and write and wants to be a journalist someday.

Here is the winning entry:

The Deseret News

is the one I use.

For it has pizazz

When covering the Jazz.

Two points! No, three

to them from me!

Janna's prize includes the chance to see the action up close as she sits next to Brad Rock on press row. Before the game, she and her parents will be treated to dinner in the press room, she'll appear on JazzTalk with Dave Blackwell and Ron Boone on KISN AM 570, get a tour of the arena and get to have her picture taken with a Jazz player during warmups.

While Janna watches the game and takes notes, Larry and Marsha Nielsen will be watching the action too from VIP seats at courtside.

After the game, Janna goes to work because she has to write a story about the game that will be in the Deseret News on Sunday, and finish it by the deadline so she probably won't leave the Deseret News until after 10:30 p.m.

Ten second prize awards, L.A. Gear Basketball Shoes, will go to:

Patrick Mason, 14, Sandy; Kellie Swiatocha, 13, Salt Lake; Kristen Taylor, 10, Kaysville; Jason DeForest, 12, Murray; Steve Martin, 15, South Jordan; Angela Gines, 14, Riverton; Scott Johnson, 12, Bountiful; Matthew Meikle, 13, Farmington; Greg Allsop, 11, Bountiful and Amy Martin, 10, South Jordan.

Twenty-five third place prizes, a Deseret News Sports Page T-shirt, go to:

Katie Hammond, 11, South Jordan; Scott Ryan, 11, West Valley; Travis Knudsen, 13, South Jordan; Kevin Huber, 11, Provo; Phillip Stevenson, 10, Salt Lake; Lindsay Lund, 10, Salt Lake; Brittany Redding, 12, Murray; Susannah Wayman, 12, South Jordan; Kristen Nelson, 15, Kaysville; Alice Partridge, 15, Salt Lake; Holly Wainscott, 13, Sandy; Brooke Hermanson, 12, Salt Lake; Heidi Tolman, 13, Sandy; Jamie Moore, 13, West Valley City; Rachael Moss, 14 Farr West; Jeremy Smith, 12, Murray; Brian Matthews, 13, Sandy; Joel M. Clark, 12, Orem; Cody Braithwaite, 14, Salina; Benjamin Aird, 11, Salt Lake City; Myron Jeffs, 11, Castle Dale; Ryan Taylor, 15, Kaysville; Allen Dye, 15, West Jordan; Adam Hofmann, 13, Murray and Jeff Newman, 11, Sandy.

One hundred fourth place winners will receive a John Stockton poster.