With support from some Republicans, Senate Democrats want to add $4.4 billion to what President Bush wants to spend next year on child care, health, education and job training.

Four Republicans joined 11 Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee Thursday supporting the increase in social program spending as proposed by Sen. Timothy Wirth, D-Colo.Wirth's amendment altered only slightly a budget proposed by committee Chairman James Sasser, D-Tenn., that would postpone most fights over whether to raise or cut taxes or increase benefit programs.

Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico, the committee's senior Republican, said Wirth's amendment was not a major problem because it is non-binding and is meant only as a guide for future spending bills.

By 14-7, the committee also approved non-binding language opposing a cut in the Social Security payroll tax unless the pension system is found to be fiscally sound.