A battle involving a family feud, suspicious land dealings and lots of money has ended with a jury awarding an heiress to a land empire $750,000 she said she lost when she sold shares back to a family company.

A Denver district court jury made the award to Beth Ellen Van Schaack-Dunklee, 72, widow of Henry Van Schaack II, the longtime head of the Van Schaack family real estate empire in Colorado.If back interest is awarded in the case, the compensation could total $1.5 million, said her attorney, Don Trinen.

Van Schaack-Dunklee had sued the Van Schaack family corporation and its board of directors for $7 million, saying they failed to disclose the potential sale of land for Denver's new airport when she sold 750 shares of stock left to her by her husband back to the company in 1983 for $1.5 million.

The plaintiff said the trial results were satisfactory.