House Speaker Craig Moody has appointed 15 House members to the Legislature's reapportionment committee, while Senate President Arnold Christensen, R-Sandy, has appointed six senators.

The heavily Republican committee will use new 1990 Census figures to redraw the boundaries of the three congressional districts and 104 legislative districts.Republicans hold majorities in both the Utah House and Senate, and Gov. Norm Bangerter is a Republican. Thus, Republicans will decide the boundaries. Democrats, who have already complained about the process, can sue in court if they don't like the results.

Moody says the process will be fair, with the committee holding public meetings throughout the state. The committee can't meet until after April 29, when the new law forming the body takes effect. Bangerter will call a special legislative session in the fall so the redistricting can be placed into law before the 1992 Legislature meets in January.

House members on the reapportionment committee are:

Republicans: Richard Bradford, R-Sandy, co-chairman; Fred Hunsaker, R-Logan; Nancy Lyon, R-Bountiful; Haze Hunter, R-Cedar City; David Ostler, R-Salt Lake; Lee Ellertson, R-Orem; Michael Waddoups, R-Salt Lake; Beverly Evans, R-Altamont; and Byron Harward, R-Provo.

Democrats: Kelly Atkinson, D-West Jordan; Byron Anderson, D-Riverdale; Joe Hull, D-Hooper; Blaze Wharton, D-Salt Lake; Ray Nielsen, D-Fairview; and Kurt Oscarson, D-Sandy.

Senate members of the committee are:

Republicans: Stephen Rees, R-Salt Lake, co-chairman; Glade Nielsen, R-Roy; Cary Peterson, R-Nephi; and Haven Barlow, R-Layton.

Democrats: Eldon Money, D-Spanish Fork; and Paul Fordham, D-Salt Lake.