A Salt Lake woman told police she was raped by a doctor she had known for less than a week.

The woman says she was introduced to the man a week earlier and had been typing some papers for him. Saturday night, the man asked her if she'd like to see the hospital where he worked. He offered to drive the 35-year-old woman to an area near the University Hospital "where there was a great view," according to a report.The woman became frightened when they arrived at a dark, open area about 10:30 p.m., and she attempted to run from the truck. The man lifted her off the ground and took her to the back of a truck where he raped her, she told police.

The report said the suspect apparently taunted the woman while she huddled in the corner of the truck before she was raped. The woman fought to get away, but the man pinned her arms above her head, saying she was "the strongest I've ever come up against," according to the report. After the rape, he said, "I won," and told the woman to get dressed, the report said.

The woman was driven to her apartment after the attack, the report said. The suspect later called the woman and asked her if she used contraceptives. When she said "no," the man said, "That's really stupid. I can give you medication so you'll abort, or I can give you money," the woman told police.