Winner of the 12th annual Deseret News Spelling Bee, Tara Huber, will be on her way to Washington, D.C. in May as Utah's delegate to the national competition. Tara and a parent will be guests of the Deseret News for Bee Week in the nation's capital.

The sixth-grade student from Vernal Middle School received the grand prize by successfully spelling "vigintillion" after it was misspelled by Jared Inouye. Because the winner had to spell two words correctly, Tara captured the state title with "wejack."Tara is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Huber of Vernal.

During the week May 29-June 4, Tara will be sightseeing with 200 top spellers from around the United States, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The actual spelling competition will be held Wednesday and Thursday. An awards dinner at the Capitol Hilton, just two blocks from the White House, will climax the week in Washington.

The Utah spelling bee is sponsored in cooperation with the Utah Education Association, State PTA and State Office of Education.

Second-place winner, Jared Inouye, Gunnison High School 8th grade, received a 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica, which features the redesigned and revised format that first appeared in 1985. The valuable prize features the 12-volume Micropaedia, containing 84,300 alphabetically ordered entries; the 17-volume Macropaedia with 681 articles and 6,000 illustrations; and the one-volume Propaedia that has 15,000 topics and 31,800 titles for suggested reading.

The set includes a two-volume general index. In addition, the winner receives the Britannica World Data Annual with the Book of the Year and World Data included.

The third prize, an unabridged edition of the Random House Dictionary of the English Language, was awarded to Jared Mildenstein, 12, of Provo's Dixon Middle School. The prize features more than 2,000 pages with 260,000 entries with clear, understandable definitions. More than 50,000 example phrases and sentences, 10,000 synonym lists and studies, and 2,000 illustrations are included.

Fourth-place winner, William Nielsen, 14, Juab Middle School, Nephi, received Webster's ninth new Collegiate Dictionary with 150,000 vocabulary entries, including thousands of new words along with verbal and pictorial illustrations.

Brittany Watne, St. Vincent's School, Murray, the fifth-place winner, received Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, featuring more than 100,000 synonyms, antonyms, related and contrasted words, and idiomatic equivalents. Both are from Merriam-Webster, Inc.

The 1988 World Almanac, a specially engraved edition for the National Spelling Bee delegates, went to Amy Hobbs, Grand County Middle School, Moab.