Nancy Reagan's friends are hitting back at "Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography," but more trouble looms for the former first lady - a new biographical novel by her daughter, Patti Davis.

Nancy Reagan gave her blessing to the campaign by friends to defend her against the degrading Kitty Kelley book, though just as that effort began, the publication date of the Davis book was pushed up by the Carol Publication Group from 1992 to later this summer.Davis said she is writing about a girl with a psychologically domineering mother who practices "non-physical sexual abuse" on her daughter by attempting to "desexualize" her, thus crippling her for "future intimate relationships."

"I've been carrying around many secrets for many years," Davis said in a press release Thursday accompanying the announcement of the new publciation date. "I crafted the story out of a lot of pain."

In another develoment, syndicated gossip columnist Liz Smith, a friend and admirer of Nancy Reagan's, devoted most of her Thursday column to attacking the Kelley book.

She said it was boring "deja vu all over again," based on dubious sources and reflecting the author's prejudices, fears, insecurities and "her gratuitous glee in skewering people left and right, making it seem petty and vindictive."

Smith's slam took on a personal note when she pictured Kelley sitting for years in a room surrounded by her files, as she is depicted on the jacket cover of her Reagan book, and counting her millions in profits.