A 1,200-pound pregnant moose occupied a barn for several days, repeatedly charging the landowner and shaking off tranquilizer darts before deciding to move on.

Landowner John Forester even carried a gun to escort his children to the bus stop."She was one Mean Mildred," said Wyoming Game and Fish officer Tom Tillman.

The moose appeared last weekend, plump with calf, on Forester's property near Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming.

"She was just looking for a place to rest and the barn was perfect," Forester said. "It provided shelter, had water and there was hay for the horses."

But when he tried to get into the barn to feed his horses, Mean Mildred charged.

To try to scare her away, Forester fired two rounds from a gun into the air.

"She turned right around and turned her ears flat and came right at me," he said.

He dodged into some nearby bushes.

"It was quickest I've moved in years."

He called the Game and Fish agency, and Tillman arrived with a gun that shoots whistling firecrackers. The moose wouldn't budge.

"I chased her around for a while; then she chased me around for a while," Tillman said.

Tuesday morning, Tillman returned with a tranquilizer gun, but that appeared to have no affect.

He was trying another tactic when the moose suddenly leapt up, bolted over the fence and ran way.