Premier-designate Giulio Andreotti named a new Cabinet on Friday, forming Italy's 50th government in 46 years and ending a two-week political crisis.

President Francesco Cossiga accepted the list of ministers, giving formal approval of the new government. It includes representatives from the same five parties in Andreotti's last coalition government, which collapsed March 29 after months of bickering.Andreotti, a Christian Democrat, said the Cabinet would be sworn in Saturday and receive a vote of confidence in Parliament Tuesday. Parliament's approval is largely a formality, however, because the five parties enjoy a comfortable majority in the lawmaking body.

The Christian Democrat-led coalition includes the Socialists, the Republicans, the Social Democrats and the Liberals. The five parties have governed Italy as a coalition for most of the past decade.

Many ministers named by Andreotti were in the last coalition Cabinet, including the ministers of foreign affairs, defense and interior.