Hill Air Force Base Major General Dale W. Thompson announced Friday that 190 fewer employees will be laid off, and the termination date of nearly 500 employees will be delayed until May 17.

"This is good news for the employees, their families, the base and the community," said Thompson. "We regret, however, that our current projections still require us to separate approximately 494 employees from the base in the next four weeks."Thompson said that many of these employees have already been placed at other Department of Defense installations and that the final number of employees who will be laid off will be approximately 300. Thompson blames the cutbacks on a reduced workload in industrially-funded areas such as aircraft maintenance.

Hill officials originally announced in early February that 684 employees would lose their jobs on April 19. However, due to an increase in Hill's total industrially funded force that created 76 unanticipated positions, and vacancies in non-industrially-funded bases, employees previously notified for layoffs were able to be placed.

According to Beth Corliss, chief of civilian personnel, the delay was made in order to allow sufficient time to fill the numerous vacancies with RIF-impacted employees.

"This process is time consuming and we know that it is in the best interest of this center to delay all reduction in force actions until the process has been completed," she said.

Since Feb. 8, approximately 200 employees have been placed at other Department of Defense bases through the Priority Placement Program.