The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco said it will create a new Northern Region management structure of its Salt Lake, Portland and Seattle branches that will be based in Portland and headed by E. Ronald Liggett, currently senior vice president in charge of the Salt Lake Fed branch.

The change becomes effective May 1 when Andrea P. Wolcott will take over the Salt Lake office when Liggett moves to Portland. Under the new structure, Wolcott will report to the Portland office rather than directly to the San Francisco home office."This Northern Region structure was formed to provide for increased coordination of re-sources at the three northern branches and to reduce the number of positions reporting directly to me," said Carl E. Powell, first vice president of the San Francisco Fed office.

"This will consolidate and streamline operations among our northern tier of branches and allow for unified branch participation in future planning."

Liggett first joined the San Francisco Fed in 1956 in that city. He came to the Salt Lake office in 1984 and was named officer in charge the next year.

Wolcott, currently assistant vice president in charge of cash operations and financial services at the Salt Lake office, will become vice president in charge. She joined the branch in 1980 as training coordinator.