Shirley MacLaine, who turns 57 in two weeks, is too busy to think of retirement. She's in the middle of a song-and-dance revue, about to release a new book and thinking of a new play.

MacLaine is in Anaheim, Calif., this weekend with her revue "Shirley MacLaine: Live." Her seventh book, "Free Fall," is scheduled for fall publication.MacLaine, who has written about her beliefs in past lives, said the new book will be "a `coming to terms' book, not a metaphysical book."

"Coming to terms with film, stage, acting, singing, dancing, family," she said.

She says she's also talking with composer Andrew Lloyd Webber about starring in a musical version of the 1950 film "Sunset Boulevard."

She'd like to play the role of faded film star Norma Desmond - portrayed by Gloria Swanson in the movie - but only if a new screen version follows.