The woman who accuses William Kennedy Smith of raping her says the Kennedy clan member tackled her and "forcibly, sexually battered" her, police said in releasing an account of the encounter Friday.

"The victim said she was struggling and telling him no," the report said.Police said no charges would be filed immediately. The results of lab tests are still pending. Smith denies assaulting the 29-year-old woman.

Shortly after the account was made public, the woman's attorney requested an investigation by police and prosecutors of possible witness tampering.

Attorney David Roth told reporters that "attempts at damage control" by the Kennedys could be an obstruction of justice. He was referring to a newspaper story that says detectives have used "bullying tactics" in efforts to block charges.

"If anything, they have strengthened our client's resolve and her fervent hope and desire that justice be done," Roth said.

Smith's Miami attorney, Mark Schnapp, said "there's been no intimidation or any attempt to intimidate any witness in this case, at least by our investigators."

David H. Bludworth, Palm Beach County state attorney, said Friday that his office will meet with police to discuss allegations of misconduct in the case before deciding if charges are warranted.

The woman wants her identity protected and will discuss her account only in a court of law even though the bidding is up to more than $250,000 for rights to her story, her attorney said.

The attorney for two friends of the victim who picked her up at the Kennedy estate that morning told The Palm Beach Post that the Kennedys were pulling no punches in their attempt to avoid charges, using detectives to intimidate possible witnesses.