Think polyester is passe? Think again.

Superthin microfibers are putting the "yes" back into polyester as the man-made material goes high-tech.Compared to cobwebs by some, the fine filaments often are combined with the fibers of cotton, silk, wool and nylon for a soft, draped, rich finish - with all the hardiness of polyester.

Because of their water-repellent properties, microfibers have been turning up in such outerwear as parkas, skiwear and raincoats.

But this spring, the fibers are coming in from out of the cold and showing up in the men's department. Luciano Franzoni, Hugo Boss and Ronaldus Shamask are among the many designers now incorporating microfibers in their suitings.

Richard Mishaan is using them in his men's and women's line. Norma Kamali also is finding a use for them in her women's collection.