A central Utah landfill is being considered by several Canadian cities as a possible dumping ground for their refuse.

R. Steve Creamer, president of the East Carbon Development Corp., said several communities north of the U.S. border have called about using the planned 2,400-acre site."There are a number of cities in Canada that do have disposal problems," he said. "They have contacted us but we are not in any heavy negotiations with any Canadian cities. It's a potential market there."

The landfill also may be the refuse terminus for several unidentified California cities, Creamer said Wednesday.

East Carbon Development received a permit last year from the Utah Bureau of Solid and Hazardous Waste to develop a giant landfill near East Carbon City.

The landfill also is designed to accept incinerator waste, but Creamer conceded that the company has had little success in attracting such business.

"There is not the amount (of ash) out there we were led to believe there was," he said.

Before East Carbon Development could accept out-of-country waste, it would have to get its current state permit amended.

Ralph Bohn, manager of the state solid waste office, said he did not oppose the amendment. The change would be subject to public comment, he said.

"We've already told them they could take waste from out of state. Extending it to Canada is not that big an extension as long as they meet all the other requirements," Bohn added.