The Southern Utah University theater department will present three one-act comedies in the Kanab High School auditorium on Monday, April 15, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

According to R. Scott Phillips, department spokesman, the plays are being presented as part of the Kanab Variety Arts series. He noted that several southern Utah communities have expressed an interest in SUU theater productions, but it's a nearly impossible task to take the mainstage productions on tour, due to such factors as differing stage sizes and problems in moving some of the large sets.However, the school's student-directed one-act plays are proving to be ideal productions to take on the road, Phillips said. The plays are student projects from the department's directing class, and the top productions have been selected for presentation. The three plays to be presented in Kanab will also feature some of the best actors and actresses in the SUU theater department, some of whom have received or been nominated for regional and national acting awards.

The three plays being staged in Kanab are:

- "OUT OF THE FRYING PAN," by David Campton. This is a dark and clever look at politics, war and diplomacy. Directed by R. Matthew Benton, it features Brian Vaughn and Michael Ross Clements in the cast. Vaughn has earned acclaim for his portrayal of John Merrick in "The Elephant Man," and Clements recently appeared as Arnolphe in "The School for Wives," and as Vincent Van Gogh in a one-man production.

"This is a very dark comedy, although it doesn't come off that way until the very end," said Benton. "It's very funny and shows politics, war and diplomacy in an absurdist way."

- "THE ACTOR'S NIGHTMARE," Christopher Durang's "comedy with serious moments" is being directed by Robert Bogue, with Emily Mainor, Matt Robinson, Robbi Berrie, Danni Delacy Wheeler and Deven May in the cast.

"The title basically tells it," Bogue said. "It's about an actor who dreams he's an accountant who is put on stage in a play that he knows nothing about. The nice part is that he doesn't really know if it's a dream or not; nor does the audience. It's a look into the mind of an actor - and definitely a comedy."

- "CHINAMEN," directed by Kwin Peterson, is Michael Frayn's story of a dinner party gone awry. It stars Morgan Anderson and Holly Bradford, who play a total of five roles in the comedy.

A husband and wife throw a dinner party, "a proper, stuffy, English-style dinner party," Peterson said, and each invites a friend as a guest. But a major faux pas is committed, because, as it turns out, the guests are a couple who just broke up.

Tickets can be obtained at the door or by contacting Sarah Mathis, president of the Kanab Variety Arts Guild.