Scripps Howard News ServiceI have bought several pairs of the designer "bow biters," for my 4-year-old preschooler, only to have them turn up lost when we really need them. (Bow biters keep bows on children's shoes tied.) One morning recently I used a twist tie - they come on bread wrappers and you get dozens when you buy garbage bags - to secure the shoestrings, and it worked perfectly. The plastic kind with the slotted openings work even better, because they can be adjusted to fit even larger bows. They're colorless so a 10-year-old won't be too embarrassed to wear them. Source: Peggy Bentley of Memphis.

- DURING THE WEEK, write down on a plain white envelope all the groceries you need. Before you leave for the supermarket, put all the coupons you plan to use in the envelope. This way, you'll have everything you require on hand at the store.- COMPANY COMING and the bathroom a mess?

Grab a bunch of paper towels and a spray bottle of commercial window cleaner. Clean from the top down, changing towels as you go and saving all the wet ones to do the floor. Do mirror, sink area, wall tiles, the outside and rim of the bathtub, toilet tank and seat, and finally the floor. Wash the floor with the used towels, wiping it with dry towels as you back out of the room to avoid footprints.

Then close the shower curtain to cover the tub, throw a rug over the heavy traffic patch of the floor and you're done. (Source: "All-New Hints from Heloise; a Household Guide for the `90s" (Perigee: $9.95).

- INSTEAD OF BUYING birthday and anniversary cards individually, make a monthly list and, before the end of the prior month, purchase all the cards at one time.

Then, at one sitting, address and sign them. Then write the actual date of the occasion in the upper right-hand corner of the envelope. The stamp will cover it when affixed. Arrange the cards in date order and check weekly.

Mail them several days before the date.

- TO REMOVE THE STICKY remains of price tags on appliances and other metal or plastic goods, apply a small amount of peanut butter, leave for a minute and then wipe off with paper towels. Source: Dorothy Riley, Memphis, Tenn.

- AFTER PAINTING A ROOM, pour some paint in a small jar to use later for touch-ups, smudges or to fill nail holes when removing or rearranging pictures. Source: Fern Hopson, Memphis.