A Chinese jetliner crashed into the sea on landing during a monsoon Wednesday, killing six crew members and injuring 15 passengers as it skidded off the rain-slick tarmac, officials said.

Airline officials said Civil Aviation Administration of China Flight 301 carried 89 people - 78 passengers and 11 crew - on the short flight from Canton, China, 90 miles northwest of the British colony.The blue and white British-built Trident jet touched down on the runway, then skidded off the tarmac, plunging nose-down into the polluted waters of Victoria Harbor, its fuselage broken into three pieces.

"The adverse weather conditions are being blamed for the accident," a spokesman for the Chinese national airline said. Airline officials said a full investigation would be made.

Sixty-eight people survived the crash without injury.

Airline officials said all of the dead were crew members. Three other crew members were hospitalized with undetermined injuries and the remaining two were not hurt.

The crash was the first serious accident involving the China national carrier since a domestic airliner crashed Jan. 18 at the southwest Chinese city of Chongquing, killing all 108 people aboard.