Among those answering Hollywood casting calls:

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone has signed Oscar-nominated actor-director Kevin Costner for his newest project, "JFK," set to roll next month in Dallas . . . Henry Winkler will direct the comedy "Cop and a Half," and is wooing the in-demand Macaulay Culkin for a key role . . . Producer Roger Corman picked Omar Sharif to play Saddam Hussein in a Persian Gulf war project and now has to sign him . . . Olympia Dukakis stars as an eccentric grandmother in "Round the Bend," now shooting in Australia . . . ABC-TV has ordered 13 episodes of a still-untitled Linda Lavin half-hour sitcom due to debut next fall.Dianne Keaton is set to direct "Secret Society," featuring Martin Sheen . . . Jerry Lewis has begun work on his 53rd movie, heading to Douglas, Ariz., where he's joined Johnny Depp and Faye Dunaway in the cast of "The Arrowtooth Waltz," a contemporary comedy . . . Dan Aykroyd and Samantha Mathis headline the cast of "This Is My Life," the first movie directed by author Nora Ephron.