Preliminary results of a truck traffic survey conducted in Provo Canyon March 14-21 are in. The results show that:

- 5,071 trucks (three-quarter-ton pickups or larger) traveled the canyon during the seven-day period the survey was conducted- 1,818 semitrailer trucks traveled the canyon, which equates to approximately 260 trucks per day

- 427 delivery trucks used the canyon during the seven-day period

The results still need to be "reconciled" to account for factors that may have influenced the count one way or another, according to the Utah Department of Transportation.

UDOT will conduct a second traffic study in the canyon in June or July. And, at the request of Gov. Norm Bangerter, UDOT and the Bureau of Air Quality are conducting studies to assess the effect of a truck ban.

Sam Taylor, chairman of the department's transportation commission, says UDOT's study will be in-depth, looking at increased traffic on I-15, I-215 and U.S. 191 in Duchesne. UDOT will also look at other highways in the state that could be targeted for truck bans on the heels of such a decision in Provo Canyon.

The idea that closing Provo Canyon to truck traffic could create a domino effect on the state's highways worries Taylor. He points out that Attorney General Paul Van Dam's opinion on the legality of a ban warns against such "arbitrary" action.