A special concert to benefit the Women and Children in Crisis Center is scheduled at 7:30 p.m. Monday, April 15, in the Timpview High School Auditorium.

Miss Provo Melissa Brinton has helped organize the event to make more people in the community aware of child-abuse problems and prevention measures in the area.The concert will feature Johnny "B" as master of ceremonies and a special appearance by Brigham Young University basketball star Shawn Bradley. Guest artists include Kurt Bestor, Sam Cardon, Gina Larsen, The Osmond Boys, Margo Jensen Watson, Glenn Jaspering and the BYU Ballroom Dance Team.

"The success of child-abuse prevention, as well as prevention of sexual abuse and assault of all ages, depends on community cooperation and coordination from both the public and the private sectors," Brinton said. "A communitywide approach that utilizes local resources and concerned people is an essential part of any effort which hopes to effectively alleviate the difficult problem of abuse."

Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the following locations: BYU Bookstore, Hallmark Card Stores (University Mall), Johnny B's Comedy Club, Alphagraphics, Bon Losee Salon, Will's Pit Stop and Circle K (1420 S. University).

To report child abuse or for more information on the concert call Social Services at 374-7005.