The Roosevelt City Council has drafted a proposed truck-regulation ordinance limiting travel on city streets and requiring the purchase of a special parking permit for large rigs.

The ordinance would allow trucks to be driven on only five designated routes within city limits, with the regulations applying to trucks with a gross lien weight in excess of 18,000 pounds or trucks rated for two tons or larger under standard state practices.All explosive and corrosive carriers and flammable-liquid carriers capable of carrying more than 3,000 gallons or licensed for a gross weight in excess of 9,000 pounds would also fall under the proposed regulations.

Truck drivers wanting to regularly park on city streets would have to purchase a special permit for an annual $300 fee.

City Administrator Brad Hancock said revenue generated from the permits will defray the city's expense of replacing pavement damaged by the parking of heavy trucks.

"It costs an estimated $1,000 to $12,000 every three years to repair roads damaged by trucks," he said. "The permit will basically allow trucks to be parked anywhere within the city limits based on the approval of the City Council. Truck drivers who don't want to buy the special permit will be restricted to parking on the five designated truck routes."

The ordinance would not apply to school buses, utility maintenance vehicles, emergency vehicles and certain trucks making construction or merchandise deliveries.