While some in the world look for curves on the human body, one Brigham Young University student is looking for ways to prevent them.

Sid Palmer, a graduate student in zoology, is doing research on scoliosis, a disease of the spine that causes it to curve. His idea is not to find a cure, but to look at some possible causes and maybe, in the future, modes of prevention."We need some people who have scoliosis and who are willing to be tested through walking," Palmer said.

The research would involve placing small pressure points on the bottom of the foot to discover specifically whether the way a person walks could contribute to more or less curvature in the spine.

"No one has really looked at this possibility," he said. "It is exciting research."

Palmer would like to focus his research on youths between the ages of 10 and 14 who have scoliosis.

Anyone who is interested in helping with the research should contact Palmer at 378-5676.