Worried about the lack of traffic signs in your neighborhood?

The City Council has approved the placement of seven yield signs and seven stop signs around the city.Yield signs will be placed soon at the following intersections, where traffic is under 2,000 vehicles per day:

Lago Vista at 300 South; 1200 East at 300 South; 1225 East at 300 South; Granada Drive at 1300 East; Vineyard Drive at 1300 East; 250 North at 1300 East; and Monarch Drive at Davis Boulevard.

Stop signs will be placed at the following intersections, where traffic is over 2,000 vehicles a day:

Devon Drive at Chelsea Drive; 450 East at Chelsea Drive; 600 East at Chelsea Drive; the exit from golf course at Bountiful Boulevard; 1275 East at 1800 South; 1200 East at 1800 South; and 900 East at 500 South.

Each sign costs about $65.

"Many of these signs were a result of new growth and development along collector roads, and others are a result of the increased traffic volumes," said city engineer Jack Balling.