Did you know that women spend an average of 17 years caring for their own children and 18 years caring for aging parents? Being the care provider for an aging relative can be stressful. There are support groups that can help. For more information, call the Information and Referral Center, 487-4716.

If you'd like to inquire about, or volunteer for, any of the following requests, call the Volunteer Center of the Community Services Council, 212 W. 13th South, 486-2136.Cleanup volunteers needed April 27 for a project on 4500 South in West Valley City.

Provide office help two to three hours a week by answering telephones, providing information, filing and other basic office skills.

Escort patients to different locations within the VA Hospital one to three times per week during the day.

Be a docent for the Children's Museum of Utah to explain the museum exhibits, four to eight hours a week. Flexible days and times.

Teach guitar to 14-year-old girl. Flexible hours, short-term commitment. She has been depressed but has shown an interest in learning to play.

Drive woman to grocery store once a week. Flexible times.

Sponsor a dog or cat in an emergency situation. Provide temporary shelter until homes can be found.

Deliver food boxes to senior citizens once a month.

Help clean up senior citizens' yards.

Help with bingo activities.

Work with arts and crafts activities.

Visit care center residents. Flexible times.

Spanish-speaking volunteer needed to be "on call" for West Jordan Police Department.

Take blind adults to grocery store once a week.

Play the piano for a sing-along.

Be a librarian at Cottonwood Hospital Library four to six hours a week. Flexible.

Build a playhouse for Easter Seal Society. Blueprints, plans and material provided.

Help with the Living Traditional Arts Festival May 17-19.

Paint senior citizens' fingernails once a month.

Teach basic housekeeping skills. Flexible time, one to two hours a week.

Do office tasks.

Provide temporary homes to teens with family problems. Training provided.

Help with a city scrapbook. Flexible times.

Be a volunteer receptionist. Two to four times a week, flexible times.

Teach weight-lifting class.

Befriend young mothers. Five to 10 hours a month.

Provide clerical assistance to historical society.

Teach English as a second language to children and adults. Training. Flexible hours.

Volunteers 19 and older needed to help with after-school programs for elementary students. Once a week, 3-6 p.m.

Help with basic office and computer work.

Write letters for a woman who has arthritis.

Work with plants and flowers in West Valley City park. Training.

Visually handicapped senior companions needed to work with visually handicapped people. Training, small stipend. Volunteer will be needed 20 hours a week. Must be over 60.

Work on the information desk at Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Take calls about pets that are lost, found, sick or injured. Training. Work at home, one day a week.

Provide window curtains and shower curtains.

Give household items and furniture to families leaving homeless shelter.

Give yarn for therapy project for terminally ill patients.

Provide puzzles for senior citizens center. (Center would trade already put-together puzzles.)

Donate furniture of all types.

Provide art supplies to detention center.

Donate sewing machine and furniture for low-income refugee families.

Contribute art supplies to detention center.

Provide candy for youths at detention center.

Provide twin-size blankets or quilts to Detention Center.

Give shelving to teen home.

Provide vacuum, twin beds and dryer to low-income family.

Donate file cabinets, any size.

Give a Macintosh computer and printer to Utah AIDS Foundation.

Apple IIe or IIc computer printer needed for adoption program.

Provide a dresser, crib or bassinet to low-income, expectant mother.

Extra-large clothing needed for men. Medium sizes also needed.

Provide bath/shower chair for frail, elderly man.

Donate stationary bike to 83-year-old woman who would like to get some exercise.

Provide nail polish to senior citizens center.

Clothing needed for boys or girls (sizes 3-7), new or used.