Organizers for the Utah Welcome Home Parade are seeking $20,000 in donations from state residents in an effort to raise money for the May 27 event designed to honor military veterans.

"Everyone who is experiencing the spirit of patriotism should make a contribution," said parade chairman Wynn Covieo. "Any size contribution will be appreciated."First Security Banks throughout Utah are collecting the donations, said Covieo.

First organized to honor the troops involved in Desert Storm, the event was later expanded to honor veterans who fought in all U.S. conflicts, Covieo said.

The parade will kick off with a fly-over from F-16 fighters, Apache helicopters and vintage aircraft.

A ticker-tape parade will also include a balloon loft, a riderless horse honoring Utah veterans who were killed in action, an all-service honor guard, floats and marching bands.

Later that day, the celebration will continue at the Dee Events Center, where Gov. Norm Bangerter is scheduled to speak.