Lou Piniella spoke to Reggie Jackson about a possible return to the New York Yankees, but got the impression it wouldn't happen.

"My interpretation was that he would not" attempt to return, the Yankees manager said Tuesday in the New York Daily News.Piniella talked with his 42-year-old former teammate by phone Friday after rumors surfaced that Jackson might return for a stretch drive by his old club. Bill Goodstein, a lawyer who has occasionally dealt with Jackson, approached the Yankees pricipal owner, George Steinbrenner, with the idea.

Jackson was quoted last week saying he knew nothing of the proposal, but Piniella said Jackson told him that Goodstein had talked about it during a baseball card show the two attended.

"He (Jackson) said it was left up in the air," Piniella said in the report. "When Goodstein followed up on it, it sort of caught him off guard.

"I think Reggie was surprised it got out, and maybe he was a little embarrassed."

Piniella has mixed feelings about Jackson coming back.

"As far as leadership qualities and a winning attitude, in that vein I could see some merit. As far as actually playing; he's 42-years-old. I just didn't see where he could fit in."