Recent storms have pushed precipitation averages to above the overall state average of 80 percent on three of the seven watersheds in southern Utah and equal to the state average in one water basin.

The moisture picture has brightened on all the watersheds, but is highest on the Virgin River, Beaver River, Sevier River and Green River. Moisture still trails well below average on the Escalante River watershed and is less than 80 percent on the South Eastern Utah and Dirty Devil River watersheds.Current water content in the snowpacks has also dramatically improved as figures vary more than those of total precipitation, according to the latest report of the U.S. Soil Conservation Service. The information is based on data from recording sites at strategic locations on the watersheds.

The 13 reporting stations for the Sevier River have 85 percent of average precipitation and 80 percent of average water in the snowpacks, while the Virgin River recorded 86 and 83 percent, respectively.

Figures on the other watersheds include the Beaver River, 85 percent of average precipitation and 92 percent of average snowpack water; Green River, 82 and 79 percent; South Eastern Utah, 79 and 75 percent; Price-San Rafael, 63 and 69 percent; and the Dirty Devil River, 66 and 60 percent.

Two stations on the Sevier River watershed and two on the Virgin River have surpassed 100 percent of average precipitation.

The Gooseberry Ranger Station on the Sevier River drainage has 110 percent of average precipitation and Long Valley Junction has 106 percent. On the Virgin River watershed, Little Grassy has recorded 147 percent and Long Valley Junction 106 percent.

On the percentages of average water content in the snowpacks, one station on the Beaver River, one where water drains into both the Virgin and Sevier rivers, and another on the Sevier have exceeded 100 percent of average.

Merchant Valley on the Beaver River drainage has 108 percent of its average of water in its snowpack. Harris Flat, which drains into the two rivers, has 103 percent. Pine Creek on the Sevier River drainage has 101 percent of average.