The City Council is not so sure it likes the route of a light-rail transit system the Utah Transit Authority is proposing to run through Utah County.

In its meeting Tuesday night, the council voted unanimously to tell the UTA that it should consider moving the route from its proposed line, which goes through the center of Orem."It doesn't make sense to put it through the part of town with the most expensive land," said Orem Mayor S. Blaine Willes.

The light-rail route is proposed to be 132 feet wide and some of the existing route through Orem is only about 50 feet wide, he said. That would mean huge changes.

Public Works Director Ott Dameron said, "Our recommendation is that we contact UTA and tell them that we do not like the routing structure."

Instead Dameron said the council should suggest an alternative route nearer to Utah Lake along Geneva Road.

Councilman Kelvin Clayton agreed and added that UTA should take into consideration places for people to "park and ride."