The Washington County Commission has approved installation of underground telephone lines in the Kolob Reservoir area.

The Beehive Telephone Co. will install the line within county road rights-of-way from Cedar City to the reservoir, about three miles to the northeast.There are about 500 residents living in cabins, some occupied part of the year, and many residents have resisted the installation of phone and power lines to the rustic environment.

Prior to application, an informal survey found only one person interested in the service. But county officials agree that having the service available to residents could help in case of an emergency.

"If the people don't want to hook into the line, that's up to them," said Commissioner Scott Hirschi. "The phone company is willing to run the line even though they may not have any customers."

In other matters, the commission approved a conditional use permit for a geriatrics residential-care facility near Leeds.

The facility formerly served as a center for the handicapped, but it was remodeled after a fire. The owners now plan to open the home for elderly patients who are mostly self-sufficient.

Commissioners also approved the County Library Board purchase of the old LDS Church seminary building in Enterprise for conversion to a branch library.