Honduran police were patting themselves on the back after confiscating nearly 100 pounds of cocaine, impounding an aircraft and arresting its crew.

What no one told them was that the cocaine belonged to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and was being used as bait to catch drug traffickers.Honduran police seized the 96.8 pounds of cocaine Saturday when a Belize Air International flight made a stopover at San Pedro Sula, about 100 miles northeast of Tegucigalpa.

The U.S. Embassy quickly came forward, issuing a statement that said the cocaine "was placed in the aircraft by Belize police in cooperation with the DEA, in a controlled operation to identify presumed drug dealers."

"The agents in charge of the operation failed to notify in time their Honduran counterparts to coordinate the operation with Honduran authorities and obtain their authorization to allow the aircraft transiting Honduras to pass with its controlled cargo of cocaine," the embassy said.

The U.S. government is investigating to find out why Honduran authorities were not informed, the embassy said.

Honduran police also arrested 10 people in connection with the drug seizure.