A Utah State University graduate student will participate in a major conference in Ivory Coast, West Africa, during April.

Robert Washington-Allen, a graduate student in range ecology, will represent USU in the conference involving heads of African states, business, industry and church leaders, along with a number of American black leaders.He said Coretta Scott King and Jesse Jackson are expected to participate in the conference, which will attempt to determine principles and actions to better the African continent.

Washington-Allen said participants and observers will look at education, industry, agriculture, health and other vital concerns and needs.

The United Nations Development Program, the Organization of African Unity, the Economic Council of West African States and the African Development Bank are supporters of the conference.

The meeting was suggested by the Rev. Leon H. Sullivan, instigator of the agreement that brought American businesses to conform to improved working standards as a condition for operating in South Africa, the he said.

Washington-Allen will leave April 14 with a group from the United States.