A federal judge has pared a former narcotics officer's suit against Davis County by dismissing allegations that the sheriff's office engaged in racketeering.

U.S. District Judge Bruce Jenkins also dropped the Las Vegas Police Department as a defendant from former Davis County Narcotics Strike Force officer Frank Bindley's complaint.The suit also names the county, former Sheriff Brant Johnson and 12 other officers.

Deputy County Attorney Gerald Hess said the rulings "essentially reduce (Bindley's complaint) to a wrongful termination suit."

He said he and Bindley's attorney, Cornelius Hyzer, agreed "there probably wasn't sufficient evidence to support the racketeering claims." The two lawyers also agreed that the Las Vegas police department's inclusion in the suit was unwarranted, Hess said.

Bindley, a strike force officer from November 1986 to May 1987, said he was wrongfully terminated and that the defendants ran a racketeering operation, misusing drugs, money and guns.

The county maintains Johnson fired Bindley on allegations he forged a job reference letter from the Las Vegas Police Department and abused a jail inmate.