The process is admittedly backward from the usual development sequence, but the Davis County Planning Commission Thursday approved a nine-lot subdivision in the Val Verda area.

Subdivisions are usually plotted and then the roads laid out, planning staff member Barry Burton told the commission. But in this case, the subdivision is resulting from the construction of a road.The county acquired land through purchases and swaps to complete Davis Boulevard between 3100 South and 3300 South in the unincorporated Val Verda area, between Bountiful and North Salt Lake.

As a result of the land deals, nine building lots - including four owned by the county - have been developed. The lots range between 9,900 and 12,000 square feet, said Burton, adding that some lots are odd-shaped because of the topography, hillsides and road angles.

But all are buildable and already are drawing interest among some potential buyers, Burton said. He estimated the lots will sell for around $20,000 each.