A public meeting to air concerns about locating a treatment center for sexual-abuse victims adjacent to an Farmington elementary school is scheduled for Wednesday night.

The 7 p.m. meeting will be held at the Monte Vista Elementary School. Persons with questions and concerns about the Intermountain Sexual Abuse Treatment center next door on 200 East are invited to meet with officials representing the school, treatment center and city.City officials said there have not been a lot of complaints since the center opened about two months ago, but there have been enough to warrant the public meeting.

One of eight satellite clinics operated by Intermountain Sexual Abuse Treatment, the center mostly treats sexual-abuse victims and not abusers, according to clinic officials.

Farmington city officials say there is nothing in the city's zoning ordinance that blocks the clinic from operating, and there was no reason not to issue it a license.

While the center is adjacent to the school grounds, city officials point out that within a one-block radius is the Davis County County Mental Health headquarters and the county jail.